Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wednesday, 13th of April. Part 1

Good morning everybody!

Time to start some serious blogging. The current plan is a twice-daily update on this blog, covering some random items that are on my mind, or things I would like to share with you.

So right now I'm at school, waiting for my flying slot to open up.. the good part is that the weather will stay clear (apart from the tough breeze) the bad part is that they make me come to school at 10.00am to have me flying by 05.40pm.. AND I have to help put the aircraft back into the hangar around 08.00pm I estimate.
I guess I shouldn't complain since not everybody can go to school to go flying and dick about in the skies until they've had enough for one day.. I'm probably just Jaded.
But anyways, I'm supposed to fly a 1:20 hour slot today, do some basic training and just gather some solo flying confidence. Maybe I'll go and see the gardens of the Palace 'Het Loo' today. It IS very sunny, and those gardens are a beauty, been there multiple times (very good photography material too!).

So, for now I can only discusss my flight planning, but I hope that tonight I can blog about the flight itself, hopefully without incident =D

Apparantly the Political party PVV is asking for re-closure of our borders (which were opened to other Euro countries after the Shengen deal thingy.). The upside to this apparantly is the decreased inflow of foreign (non-european) luck-seekers and unemployed. The downside obviously is the decreased freedom and ease of transition into another country next to the Netherlands (Belgium, Germany) which I do find rather convenient. My view is that we should cut back on who we give social security, and focus more on the people that really NEED it, and less on the pouters and people that just WANT it. ffs.

Also, a Cessna 152 is still rather heavy if you have to pull and push it across semi-wet grass. FML.

That's it for now, I might add a little extra in a while, and otherwise cya peeps tonight!

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