Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wednesday, 13th of April. Part 2

As promised, part 2 of this day.

Didn't get to fly in the end, school sent home too many instructors and forgot I still needed a signed consent to fly solo in the afternoon... Oh well, can't have it all I suppose.
Had a bit of late-afternoon surprise fitness, when a paratrooper (you know, the old style half-sphere parachute militia) suddenly was picked up by the wind, and was being forced towards the hangars. Luckily he missed the buildings and landed in the grass beyond that, just meters short of the road that runs behind it.
Also, what the f-- is going on with our traffic these days.. almost had 2 accidents today, both involving the other party ignoring or running a red light straight in front of me. People need to calm down, or leave home earlier. If you want to risk your own safety, go take a lesson in swamp scuba diving, but don't bother us with your half-arsed driving actions only to run late for work ANYWAYS. ACK.

Just glad to hear I will get another chance to fly tomorrow, and that the weather is showing promising signs of long-term stable weather. I really need that right now!

Short update, but that's life eh? =P

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