Thursday, 21 April 2011

Counting down. #17 | Portal readthrough/review Pt. 1!

Hey everyone!

getting closer to the end of the countdown, and some of you already know what's gonna happen, some won't. I'll make sure to update my blog when the time is there :)
Right now just enjoying my few days off, enjoying the hot easter days here. Today hit 77°F and tomorrow and saturday look just as promising.

Currently tracking the weather over the US, looks like the Dallas-Fort Worth area might see some Tornadic action. In my mind I have selected a target, and I hope to see some action near it :)

Also time for a little review of Portal 2!

-----------ATTENTION: SPOILERS BELOW--------------------

Right, here we go. First of all, I would like to say job well done to the team at Valve. They delivered yet another epic Portal instalment, and Portal 2 left me screaming for more. Luckily I have yet to test the coop mode, which is supposed to help me to another 6 hours of Portal fun, because the campaign lasted me about 6 hours. Which makes the claim that it was twice as long (the story mode, that is) as Portal 1 true. Because Portal 1 lasted me about 3 hours first time I played that.
So, in chapter one you wake up from 'relaxation' vault, to be instructed to do some exercises. No, don't worry, it won't take long. It's basically a snap of the neck, and a glare at a small painting on the wall. all accompanied with buzzers. The instructor voice gladly supplies you with 5 seconds of eartearingly loud classical music, followed by a even louder buzzer. After you are instructed to go back to sleep, you wake up again, with the room severely neglected and someone banging at the door.

After you open the door, you meet the first Character that will more or less stick with you throughout the game: Wheatley!  Wheatley has a charming British accent, and after he tells you you likely have brain damage, you'll agree that he sounds a tad brain damaged himself.
After he gets the room moving, you get to see something new for Portal: Highly detailed damage animations. The room basically falls apart around you, and for the rest of the game, you are going to see epic and vivid animations, some very small, and some gigantic. My laptop did not agree with this new higher requirement, so I sadly had to turn down the settings a bit, but hey, can't blame Valve for that, I just need a better laptop.

Your room in suspension. Not too shabby really!

There goes the neighbourhood..

That is all for now. Will add another part soon!

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