Sunday, 17 April 2011

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Hello everyone!

Time for another update, and let me start by saying all businesses around the world are bastards. My laptop  battery has reached the end of his life, and now Dell wants me to pay either 155 euros, or 155 dollars. As some of you might know, currently the euro has greater strength over the dollar, to a €1 : $1.44 ratio. This means that they basically just copied the price right over, but make about 50 euros extra on every sell they make. (without shipping costs). Another company who seems to be good at this scam is Valve, with their online store Steam. Initially they offered games in dollars only, but ever since it became clear to them that converting prices on 1:1 ratios was better, we now pay prices in euros that are way higher than they should be.
Recently steam has cleaned up its act, and reduced the European prices to their american equivalent, but there is no such thing as a refund for the amount of money that way paid too much.

Another thought here: Last night a highly dangerous and active tornado filled system churned away at the east coast, and killed at least 47 people so far. This number will most likely rise in the next few days.
It seems that the south and east got their taste of the first big Breakout this year (and possible of the last few years) and even though the US has great warning systems for tornadic weather events, apparently people were still caught off guard, and outside. The amount of 'false' alarms (tornado on the ground, but not near people) might have contributed to this, but people should always listen to the warnings, and watch the news if they hear the sirens. We're not invincible, and when you think you're safe, it's going to come at you the hardest...
And no doubt it will happen again in a few years, when people get lulled into a false sense of security after things calm down. Sad.

Right, I promised you some photos of the AutoRai, here are my favorites:

Cya next time!

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